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The Carter family farm at Ladram Bay, Devon, affords easy access to the rich waters of Lyme Bay. The family have been involved in the fishing industry for over 50 years; starting out in the 1960s with just a small, five-metre beach boat, they went on to buy, work and sell over 35 fishing boats. Today, the Greendale fleet comprises of over 20 well-maintained boats, based around the South-west coastline.

No fleet would be complete without crews to operate the vessels. Fishing is an activity which requires great expertise, as techniques evolve constantly and can also vary according to the species being targeted and the area being fished. While skill and expertise are undeniably important, the most important quality we look for in our fishermen is real passion for catching and landing only the finest fish available. We pride ourselves on hand-picking, training and working with crews who are not only experts in their fields and unwilling to compromise their high levels of professionalism, but who are also able to maintain the courage and discipline required of all those who spend their lives at sea, in one of the harshest working environments known to man.

From Boat to Plate - The Fishmongers

Featuring Michael Caines

Part 2 of our trilogy of films - From Boat to Plate - focuses on the Fishmongers. On a recent visit to Greendale Farm Shop, Michael Caines speaks to James the fishmonger about the importance of using local ingredients, noting freshness, seasonality, food miles, good value and a positive impact on the local economy as key factors. .

Why Greendale seafood is best

At Greendale we’re only interested in selling the best to our customers. Because we have our own fishing fleet, we can supply our fish counter with regular fresh catches that can be traced directly back to the sea. Operating in accordance with the Seafood Responsible Fishing Scheme, our boats work out of Exmouth, Brixham and Newlyn, and catch a variety of fish from Westcountry waters; a catch can often be on its way to the Greendale farm shop in Exeter within hours of leaving the sea. If we can’t catch it ourselves, we source only from trusted suppliers with standards as high as our own, and we take great pride in ensuring that a delicious variety is always to be found on our fish counter.


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