Becci Of Ladram

Vessel Type
Potter & Netter
Overall Length
10 m
Place Of Build
United Kingdom
Home port
Area fished
Exmouth inshore
Fish caught
Whelks, Lobster, Crab, Cuttlefish, mixed fish
Tony Wreford

We custom-built the Becci of Ladram to our own specifications, because we wanted a utility vessel based at Exmouth marina. As well as stainless steel ironwork and heavy iroko gunwales, The Becci is fitted with a slave hauler on her starboard side and a net hauler on her port side, so that she can undertake potting, netting and angling. She weighs around 10 tonnes when fully laden, including her two 150-gallon fuel tanks. The large 12-litre Scania engine gives a top speed of 22 knots at top revs of just over 2000rpm, driving through a Twin Disk gearbox at 5:1 reduction and turning a five-bladed high-performance propeller. This propeller allows her to ride the seas well, with excellent performance at both high and low speeds. Becci of Ladram has an extra-large aft wheel house, which provides added comfort to her crew and skipper, with a full galley and fridge. The engine room is below and forward of the wheelhouse, while the fishroom is further forward. We built the Becci with the intention that she would be able to enter Exmouth marina at all states of tide; to this end, she has a shallow draft and is fitted with a bow thruster.

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Becci of Ladram fishes under the rules of the Devon & Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, and is fully licenced by the Marine Management Orgainisation to catch shellfish and prime fish. The Becci’s crew lay her pots in the water for crab, lobster and whelk fishing. These pots consist of a rigid structure covered with net, with an opening made in the net to allow the animal to enter; bait is placed inside the pots, and the opening is positioned in such a way that the animal cannot easily escape once inside. The pots are generally selective, as they all have escape hatches fitted to them to allow the smaller animals to escape. However, animals that do get hauled in are individually measured, and those smaller than the legal size are put back into the sea alive. Fishing with pots limits damage to the ocean habitat, and does not damage the sea floor. The quality of products brought aboard is also excellent, with all of the catch remaining alive when it is landed and sold.

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