Delicious Traybakes

Freshly made at Greendale

Add a slice of indulgence to any setting, perfect for lunch on the go, picnics, parties or at-home desserts, the freshly made traybakes from the Greendale bakery are sure to hit the spot.

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Decorated Focaccia Recipe

Decorated Focaccia Recipe

Get creative and make your very own edible work of art! The decorating is fun to do with children – you can prep and prove the dough ahead of time, if you like, so all they need to do is add the toppings before a final prove and 20 minutes’ baking time. Makes one large focaccia loaf.

West Country Apple Cake Recipe

West Country Apple Cake Recipe

Various time-honoured versions of this recipe can be found all over the UK, with Dorset, Devon and Somerset all having a particularly strong tradition of apple cakes.

Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe

Sweet and gently spiced, this delicious banana bread is more than just a great way to use up those overripe bananas lurking at the bottom of the fruit bowl!

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