Karen Of Ladram

Vessel Type
Overall Length
21 m
Place Of Build
Macduff Shipyards
United Kingdom
Home port
Padstow, Cornwall
Area fished
Area 7 / SW Approaches
Fish caught
Hake, Monkfish, Turbot, Cod, Haddock, Pollock, other mixed fish
Simon Porter
6 - 7
7.9kn / 309º

Known as the Wee Boy John INS15 until Greendale purchased her in October 2015, the Karen of Ladram underwent an immediate major re-fit on joining our fleet: a large aft shelter was fabricated and installed; all her trawling gear and winches were removed; hauling and shooting hatches were fitted, and large net pounds were installed with net flakers and tracking for them to move around on; and an entirely new fish-handling and fish-washing system was designed and installed. All of this work converted the Karen of Ladram from a trawler to a static gear netter.

The Karen’s nets are held in position by anchors and floats, which are used to get the net to sit as close to the sea bed as possible. This fishing method is of particular value because of its finely-tuned selectivity - by using large mesh sizes and targeting certain areas, we can make sure only larger fish are caught.

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