Five Must-Have West Country Cheeses

Five Must-Have West Country Cheeses


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1. Hawkridge Mature Cheddar

Crumbly, rich and delicious, this fantastic cheddar has a natural affinity with fresh apples (try a crisp Cox’s Orange Pippin) and – of course – West Country cider, including our own Greendale Proper Scrumpy. Serve with wholewheat crackers or oatcakes, or perhaps some slices of good bread (we like Hobbs House Pain de Campagne).

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2. Rosary Goats Cheese

Fresh, creamy and slightly acidic, this soft goats cheese works well with sweet flavours, including fresh fruit (try slices of ripe pear or a few red grapes) and fruity chutneys (we like Ottervale’s Apricot Chutney). It’s delicious with dried fruit and nuts, too – for a quick, tasty open sandwich, spread the cheese thickly on chunky slices of Hobbs House Fig & Walnut Bread, then top with a drizzle of Greendale Honey and devour.

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3. Devon Blue

This rich, well-rounded cheese is beautifully balanced by sweeter flavours, such as Ottervale’s excellent Pear & Ginger Chutney; it also works well with dark, leafy greens and the sharpness of fresh red chicory (try piling a little Devon Blue on a chicory leaf, then drizzling with balsamic vinegar). Serve Devon Blue with simple water biscuits, some sliced fresh fruit and a bold red wine such as Malbec or Pinotage.

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4. Sharpham Brie

Made in Devon with milk from Jersey cows, Sharpham Brie is rich and creamy; it pairs really well with anything sweet and tangy (we like Ottervale’s Cranberry & Red Onion Chutney, and brie-and-grape sandwiches are a much-loved favourite). Try serving your Sharpham Brie with some sliced fresh fruit and toasted almonds or hazelnuts, and slices of soft baguette. Full-bodied red wines like Merlot or Pinot Noir make great partners for brie, as do dryer whites such as Pinot Gris, Albariño, or – if you are really celebrating – Champagne.

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5. Somerset Camembert

Another cheese that loves apples (there are many!), this smooth and creamy camembert is delicious with sliced fruit (pears are good, too) simple crackers or crusty bread and some walnuts to crack alongside. We like to top a cracker with a slice of apple, a chunk of camembert and a quick drizzle of Greendale Honey – messy, but delicious! To drink, the makers of Somerset Camembert recommend serving it with a fruity, light-bodied red wine, such as Beaujolais, or pairing with cider – try our Greendale Proper Scrumpy for a real West-Country flavour match!

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