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  • Greendale Specials image

    Greendale Specials

    Fancy a night off? Why not treat yourself to dinner at Greendale Kitchen and take advantage of our great new offers, every night from Monday to Thursday & Sunday from 4pm onwards.

  • Mushroom, Artichoke and Sweet Potato Salad  image

    Mushroom, Artichoke and Sweet Potato Salad

    We've team up with vegan blogger @eatsandvinyl to bring you this delicious wild mushroom, artichoke and sweet potato salad, drizzled with truffle oil and topped with watercress and wild garlic.

  • Serrano Asparagus Twists Recipe image

    Serrano Asparagus Twists Recipe

    Perfect for buffets, finger food or even a spring picnic, these little twists look impressive but are pretty quick to make (and pretty delicious to eat, too!). Makes 40.

  • Monkfish & Asparagus Risotto image

    Monkfish & Asparagus Risotto

    Take comfort food to a new level with this luxurious risotto. It’s a fairly simple recipe that makes the most of its wonderful ingredients – a fair bit of stirring is involved, but the end result is well worth it! Serves 2

  • Pasta Primavera Recipe image

    Pasta Primavera Recipe

    Fresh spring veg are lightly cooked then stirred into pasta, for a tasty, seasonal celebration of all things green and good! To make this into a vegan recipe, just swap the butter for an extra tbsp of oil, check the wine is vegan (if using) and leave out the cheese. Serves 4.

  • Greendale Gin & Lemon Drizzle Loaf  image

    Greendale Gin & Lemon Drizzle Loaf

    Flavoured with our own, locally-distilled gin, this special twist on the classic Lemon Drizzle cake is a perfect teatime treat for G&T-loving mums everywhere.

  • Easter Chocolate Cheesecakes image

    Easter Chocolate Cheesecakes

    These little cheesecakes are perfect for an indulgent pudding - decorate the tops with mini-eggs, chocolate sprinkles or whatever tickles your fancy! Makes 8

  • Chocolate Cups Recipe image

    Chocolate Cups Recipe

    A little of this goes a very long way, so it’s best served in espresso cups or tiny ramekins – fresh strawberries or raspberries are a nice accompaniment. It’s simple to make, but remember to allow several hours’ chilling time. Makes 4 small servings.

  • Decorated Focaccia Recipe image

    Decorated Focaccia Recipe

    Get creative and make your very own edible work of art! The decorating is fun to do with children – you can prep and prove the dough ahead of time, if you like, so all they need to do is add the toppings before a final prove and 20 minutes’ baking time. Makes one large focaccia loaf.

  • Crab Thermidor Recipe image

    Crab Thermidor Recipe

    If you’re a fan of our Lobster Thermidor, why not try this delicious crab-centric version? Rich, creamy and packed with flavour, it’s delicious served with fresh bread for mopping up every last bit! Serves 4 as a starter.

  • Thumbprint Cookies Recipes image

    Thumbprint Cookies Recipes

    With a little adult help, young children can have a go at making these easy cookies – whether they enjoy weighing ingredients, rolling dough, making thumbprints or adding the Nutella and decorating, there are plenty of ways for them to get stuck in!

  • Chicken & Leek Pot Pie Recipe image

    Chicken & Leek Pot Pie Recipe

    This delicious, savoury pie is pretty straightforward to put together (you can even make the filling ahead of time and refrigerate it until needed). Serve with salad or your favourite seasonal veg. Serves 4.

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