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  • Greendale Vodka Martini Recipe image

    Greendale Vodka Martini Recipe

    The classic cocktail with a subtly flavoured twist from our meadow hay-infused vodka. Put the vodka bottle in the fridge for a good couple of hours before you plan to make this cocktail. You will need a cocktail shaker for this recipe.

  • Quick Christmas Chutney Recipe image

    Quick Christmas Chutney Recipe

    Rich, dark and piquant, this festive chutney is comparatively quick to make (you can make it the day you need it, with no need to wait for it to mature). It’s a great addition to any cheeseboard – and the recipe makes two jars, so why not give one away as a home-made Christmas gift? Makes 2 medium jars. Store in the fridge for up to one month.

  • Salmon Coulibiac Recipe image

    Salmon Coulibiac Recipe

    We think this fabulously tasty fish pie is well worth a little time and effort! It’s also a good one to have up your sleeve, as the uncooked pie can be made a day ahead and chilled in the fridge, or frozen for up to two months.

  • Greendale Lobster Mac & Cheese image

    Greendale Lobster Mac & Cheese

    Elevate humble Macaroni Cheese to an altogether more luxurious level with the addition of a whole locally-caught Greendale lobster! There are more complicated versions of this recipe out there, but (because of the time it takes to prep the lobster) we’ve tried to keep it simple.

  • Maple-Glazed Cola Ham Recipe image

    Maple-Glazed Cola Ham Recipe

    Cooking a gammon joint in cola and then glazing it with spiced maple syrup may sound downright odd, but the result is deliciously more-ish! Don’t let the long cooking time put you off – the recipe can be made up to two days ahead and refrigerated until needed.

  • Brussels Sprouts with Port & Pancetta image

    Brussels Sprouts with Port & Pancetta

    Briefly boiled then blanched for freshness, the Brussels sprouts in this quick and easy recipe are flavoured with the richness of pancetta and the warmth of port.

  • Whole Salt-Baked Salmon Recipe image

    Whole Salt-Baked Salmon Recipe

    Serve up incredibly moist, flavoursome (but not salty!) salmon with this surprisingly straightforward show-stopper of a recipe. When you buy your fish, ask our fishmongers to clean and gut it for you and remove the head, but leave the scales on – otherwise the salt will penetrate into the fish.

  • French 75 Gin Cocktail Recipe image

    French 75 Gin Cocktail Recipe

    Thought to have originated over a century ago, the French 75 combines gin and champagne – a truly celebratory cocktail! You will need a cocktail shaker for this recipe.

  • Leek, Cheddar & Thyme Croustade Recipe  image

    Leek, Cheddar & Thyme Croustade Recipe

    Slow-cooked leeks, rich Cheddar and fresh herbs make this a super meat-free centrepiece for your festive table. Serve with roast potatoes, a tangy chutney or cranberry sauce and a selection of your favourite veg.

  • Turkey & Ham Pie Recipe image

    Turkey & Ham Pie Recipe

    Beneath its all-butter pastry ‘lid’, this pie hides a deeply savoury meat filling, flavoured with fresh herbs and rich with double cream and white wine – who says you can’t have a little luxury with your leftovers?!

  • Ultimate Turkey Sandwich Recipe image

    Ultimate Turkey Sandwich Recipe

    Not just any old snack, these sandwiches might take a few minutes’ work to put together but they’re definitely worth the (minimal) effort! A sort of super-BLT, with added turkey and avocado, we think this is one of the nicest ways to repurpose the remains of your roast.

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