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  • Choco Crinkle Cookies - An Edible Gift for Mum image

    Choco Crinkle Cookies - An Edible Gift for Mum

    With a little adult help (though Mums are officially excused!), children can follow this easy recipe to make a personal, home-made gift that tastes every bit as good as it looks.

  • DIY Cookie Jar image

    DIY Cookie Jar

    If you can’t gift a box of home-made cookies, why not gift the next-best thing; the certainty of home-made cookies in the near future!

  • Sidbury Mill Easy Wholemeal Bread image

    Sidbury Mill Easy Wholemeal Bread

    Sidbury Mill flour has a nice fine texture and plenty of protein so you may be surprised that you can use it on its own and you will get nice open textured and well risen bread.

  • Sidbury Mill Welsh Pancakes image

    Sidbury Mill Welsh Pancakes

    These Welsh pancakes are almost a cross between a crumpet and a buttermilk drop scone and are traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday in Wales.

  • Surf & Turf: A Match Made In Heaven! image

    Surf & Turf: A Match Made In Heaven!

    Typically made with pan-fried beef steak and prawns, Surf & Turf – or ‘Beef & Reef’ if you’re Australian - is a perfect partnership between fantastic farm produce and high-quality fresh fish (both of which you’ll find in abundance here at Greendale!).

  • 30 under 30 miles 2024 image

    30 under 30 miles 2024

    Here at Greendale, we believe it’s incredibly important – now more than ever – to support the superb local growers and producers on our doorstep here in the West Country. To this end, each week we’ll be featuring a different small business, all located within 30 miles of our Farm Shop, and all brilliant examples of the wonderful produce available locally.

  • Homemade Blinis image

    Homemade Blinis

    Even if you’re not sure what blinis are, there’s a good chance you’ve eaten one at a party or buffet recently - these tiny pancakes are perfect vehicles for all manner of toppings, sweet and savoury, making them a popular choice for canapes, finger-food and starters.

  • Do Pancake Day Your Way image

    Do Pancake Day Your Way

    As far as we’re concerned, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing pancake toppings; lemon and sugar is an undeniably delicious combo, but anything goes, whether sweet, savoury or a mixture of both. We’ve picked out a few ideas here to get the ball rolling, but do tweak these serving suggestions to suit your own taste, for a delicious, guilt-free plateful. Pancake Day only happens once a year, after all!

  • Our Top 10 Winter Warmers image

    Our Top 10 Winter Warmers

    On a cold winter’s evening, there’s no greater comfort than devouring a steaming bowl of stew, or indulging in a hearty pie, fresh out of the oven to take the chill off. We've compiled a handy list of our top 10 comfort food recipes!

  • What You've Been Cooking In 2023 image

    What You've Been Cooking In 2023

    As a subscriber to our weekly newsletter, you’ll know we love to feature a selection of seasonal recipe ideas created with both Greendale produce and ingredients from our favourite local suppliers. We’ve pulled together our most viewed recipes throughout 2023, alongside some of our most popular blog posts that answer those burning questions!

  • What You've Been Eating in 2023 image

    What You've Been Eating in 2023

    In-keeping with tradition, we’ve teamed up with the butchers, fishmongers, deli and bakery, and pulled together a list of some of your favourite products that featured in your baskets in 2023. If you're new to shopping at Greendale, it's a great place to start!

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