Locally Grown Veg

Locally Grown Veg

At Greendale Farm Shop we're always looking for fantastic local produce - if it's high in quality and low in food miles, we want it on our shelves. We're particularly proud of our selection of delicious, locally-grown veg, available at the Farm Shop and on our website.

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Richard (pictured above) is our lovely local supplier of fresh swedes and parsnips. Based just 15 miles from Greendale Farm Shop, Richard and his family have been farming in Devon for three generations, and have been growing veg since 1978. During the harvesting season, their parsnips and swedes are lifted daily, ensuring super-fresh supplies for our Farm Shop.

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Swede has orange flesh and a distinctive sweet flavour – boil and mash with butter for a wonderful side dish, or dice together with potato, onion and Beef Skirt to make the filling for an authentic Devon Pasty.

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