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  • Easy Pork Stroganoff Recipe image

    Easy Pork Stroganoff Recipe

    Savoury and sustaining, this creamy pork dish is so much more than the sum of its parts. It’s a pretty quick recipe, too, making it ideal to keep up your sleeve for those days when time is tight but you don’t want to compromise on quality.

  • Scrumpy BBQ Pork Skewers image

    Scrumpy BBQ Pork Skewers

    Pork and apples definitely have an affinity, and cider-marinated barbecued pork is a lovely (if not particularly traditional) way to enjoy this tasty pairing. The skewers take moments to put together and to cook, but please be aware that you’ll need to leave at least one hour’s marinating time for this recipe.

  • One-Pot Pork Chops with Vibrant Veg image

    One-Pot Pork Chops with Vibrant Veg

    With maximum flavour (and minimal washing up), this unfussy recipe is packed with colourful veg – it’s easy to adapt, so you can ring the changes with other root vegetables, greens or woody herbs according to the contents of your fridge.

  • Maple-Glazed Cola Ham Recipe image

    Maple-Glazed Cola Ham Recipe

    Cooking a gammon joint in cola and then glazing it with spiced maple syrup may sound downright odd, but the result is deliciously more-ish! Don’t let the long cooking time put you off – the recipe can be made up to two days ahead and refrigerated until needed.

  • Pork & Lemon Casserole image

    Pork & Lemon Casserole

    Made with fresh lemon zest and simmered ‘low and slow’, this simple but delicious recipe produces a mouth-wateringly tender finished dish.

  • Greendale Pork & Scrumpy Stew image

    Greendale Pork & Scrumpy Stew

    Celebrate the arrival of cider season with this delicious stew. Full of tasty veg, tender pork and satisfying sage-flavoured dumplings, it’s a one-pot wonder!

  • Five-Spice BBQ Pork Chops image

    Five-Spice BBQ Pork Chops

    Fabulously aromatic, this sweet-savoury marinade is perfect for succulent pork chops, barbecued on the bone. For contrast and crunch, we’ve paired the chops with a light, cucumber-based side dish that lies somewhere between a salad and quick, fresh pickle.

  • Sesame Noodle Pork Salad Recipe image

    Sesame Noodle Pork Salad Recipe

    Lip-tingling chilli, aromatic ginger and plenty of fresh herbs make this vibrant salad a joy to eat – it’s satisfying, too, packed with succulent pork and rice noodles for a healthy, sustaining meal.

  • Paprika Pork with Red Peppers Recipe image

    Paprika Pork with Red Peppers Recipe

    Rustle up a quick, tasty weeknight meal with this easy pork recipe. Don’t be put off by the amount of paprika used - the delicious smoky flavour marries perfectly with the rich meat and sweet peppers.

  • Garlic and herb pork loin steaks recipe image

    Garlic and herb pork loin steaks recipe

    Lean and tender, the pork loin pairs beautifully with the aromatic herbs - serve with a simple green salad and some baby potatoes to help soak up the tasty juices.

  • Spicy Pork Meatball Stew Recipe image

    Spicy Pork Meatball Stew Recipe

    Packed with healthy veg and pulses and full of tasty spiced meatballs, this vibrant recipe is great for introducing little ones to new flavours, particularly as it doesn’t contain any chilli. Serve with rice or some crusty bread for a warming family meal any night of the week. Serves 4.

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