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  • Lamb Chops with Roast Veg & Feta image

    Lamb Chops with Roast Veg & Feta

    Flavoured with fresh herbs and topped with feta cheese, juicy lamb chops are cooked on a colourful bed of veg in this Mediterranean-inspired recipe. Serve it with warm ciabatta and a mixed-leaf salad - it’s sure to make a delicious dinner for that special someone!

  • Garlic and herb pork loin steaks recipe image

    Garlic and herb pork loin steaks recipe

    Lean and tender, the pork loin pairs beautifully with the aromatic herbs - serve with a simple green salad and some baby potatoes to help soak up the tasty juices.

  • Easy Chilli Con Carne image

    Easy Chilli Con Carne

    This recipe is a basic version of a culinary classic, which you can adapt and tweak to your taste.

  • Chicken and Butterbean Stew image

    Chicken and Butterbean Stew

    Savoury and satisfying, this light chicken stew is high in protein and full of tasty veg. Relatively quick to make, it’s great for a simple midweek meal – you can have it on the table in about half an hour.

  • Boxing Day Bubble And Squeak image

    Boxing Day Bubble And Squeak

    This is a great way to use up leftover turkey, roast potatoes and cooked sprouts or cabbage - it’s also quick and simple, because you deserve a well-earned break after cooking Christmas dinner!

  • Turkey Frittata Recipe image

    Turkey Frittata Recipe

    Based on a traditional ‘Spanish Omelette’ recipe, this hearty frittata is perfect for Boxing Day Brunch.

  • Sausage Roll Garland Recipe image

    Sausage Roll Garland Recipe

    This festive take on the ever-popular sausage roll is designed for ‘tearing and sharing’, making it perfect for parties or buffets. You can make the recipe a few hours ahead if wished; follow the recipe up to the point where the Garland needs to go into the oven, then cover it and refrigerate until you’re ready to cook. Serves approximately 10 (as part of a selection of dishes).

  • Stuffed Peppers with Mince Lamb image

    Stuffed Peppers with Mince Lamb

    Spicy minced lamb and fresh red peppers combine to delicious effect in this straightforward recipe. Accompany with couscous or rice and a leafy salad for a satisfying and nutritious meal. Serves 2 generously, or 4 as a starter.

  • Beef Ragu Recipe image

    Beef Ragu Recipe

    Based on a traditional Italian recipe, this pasta sauce uses hearty minced beef to make a rich, tasty and sustaining meal. Serve it with the cooked pasta of your choice – shells, spaghetti and linguine will all work well. Serves 4.

  • Mediterranean Sausage Plait image

    Mediterranean Sausage Plait

    Delicious hot or cold, we think this Plait would be great as part of a picnic – slice and wrap before you go, or take a board and knife and serve it up in situ.

  • Sausage and Couscous Salad Recipe image

    Sausage and Couscous Salad Recipe

    A hearty salad for warmer days. We’ve chosen our Beef and Black Pepper Sausages for this recipe, but you can swap in any sausages you like. Don’t be tempted to skimp on the herbs, as they really make the flavours come together. Serves 4.

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