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  • Wild Garlic & Pea Risotto Recipe image

    Wild Garlic & Pea Risotto Recipe

    We know spring has arrived here in Devon, because the green lanes and woodland are currently bursting with wild garlic leaves – you can smell it from quite a distance!

  • Grilled Cabbage  image

    Grilled Cabbage

    We urge anybody who doesn’t like cabbage to try cooking it this way – roasting brassicas at high temperature brings out wonderful sweetness and a flavour that’s worlds away from soggy boiled greens.

  • Garlic Mushrooms Recipe image

    Garlic Mushrooms Recipe

    Quick to make, this indulgent-tasting and delicious dish makes a lovely (and easy) supper with some crusty bread and a few salad leaves – it’s also a good side vegetable for roast beef or pork.

  • Caprese Salad Recipe image

    Caprese Salad Recipe

    This classic Italian salad combines simple ingredients to stunning effect - cool, creamy Mozzarella cheese is balanced by tangy fresh tomatoes and the Mediterranean warmth of Basil.

  • Homity Pie Recipe image

    Homity Pie Recipe

    This open-topped vegetarian pie brings out the best in its simple but tasty ingredients. Makes one large pie, to serve 4.

  • Super-Charged Scrambled Eggs image

    Super-Charged Scrambled Eggs

    This scrambled eggs recipe is made with vibrant red pepper, tomato and spring onion – if you like heat, you can add a dash of Tabasco or pinch of chilli flakes during cooking.

  • Puff Pastry Tart with Vegetables & Feta image

    Puff Pastry Tart with Vegetables & Feta

    This recipe uses ready-made puff pastry to help keep things simple. It’ll make one very large tart; if you don’t eat it all, leftovers can be refrigerated for the next day.

  • Devon Blue Tagliatelle with Leeks & Broccoli image

    Devon Blue Tagliatelle with Leeks & Broccoli

    This rich, indulgent pasta dish is just the ticket for a cosy evening in. If you can’t find tagliatelle, fettucine, spaghetti or linguine will all work just as well.

  • Pan-Fried Cabbage with Chilli & Garlic Recipe image

    Pan-Fried Cabbage with Chilli & Garlic Recipe

    The dark-green, knubbly leaves of Savoy Cabbage are rich in vitamins and minerals and are cooked quickly over a high heat, with a couple of flavourful additions for a fast and simple side-dish.

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