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  • Super-Charged Scrambled Eggs image

    Super-Charged Scrambled Eggs

    This scrambled eggs recipe is made with vibrant red pepper, tomato and spring onion – if you like heat, you can add a dash of Tabasco or pinch of chilli flakes during cooking.

  • Puff Pastry Tart with Vegetables & Feta image

    Puff Pastry Tart with Vegetables & Feta

    This recipe uses ready-made puff pastry to help keep things simple. It’ll make one very large tart; if you don’t eat it all, leftovers can be refrigerated for the next day.

  • Devon Blue Tagliatelle with Leeks & Broccoli image

    Devon Blue Tagliatelle with Leeks & Broccoli

    This rich, indulgent pasta dish is just the ticket for a cosy evening in. If you can’t find tagliatelle, fettucine, spaghetti or linguine will all work just as well.

  • Pan-Fried Cabbage with Chilli & Garlic Recipe image

    Pan-Fried Cabbage with Chilli & Garlic Recipe

    The dark-green, knubbly leaves of Savoy Cabbage are rich in vitamins and minerals and are cooked quickly over a high heat, with a couple of flavourful additions for a fast and simple side-dish.

  • Vegetable Stew Recipe image

    Vegetable Stew Recipe

    This versatile stew can be adapted to use whatever veg you have to hand. Packed full of vibrant veg, with beans for extra fibre and protein, it’s filling, tasty and a doddle to make – just be sure to cut the vegetables into similarly-sized pieces, so that their cooking times don’t vary too much. This recipe will serve 4, with leftovers that can be frozen for an easy meal another day.

  • Spinach Roulade Recipe image

    Spinach Roulade Recipe

    With its festive colouring and yule-log shape, tasty Spinach Roulade won’t look out of place on your Christmas table.

  • Quick Pickled Red Cabbage image

    Quick Pickled Red Cabbage

    With a tangy flavour that’s perfect with cold meats and cheeses, this quick pickle is easy to make. Feel free to experiment with the spices – Juniper Berries could be used instead of the allspice, or cumin or fennel seeds substituted for the caraway.

  • Roast Swede & Carrot Mash Recipe image

    Roast Swede & Carrot Mash Recipe

    Roasting the carrot and swede takes a bit longer than boiling them, but the resulting flavourful mash is well worth the extra time. This recipe can be made a few hours ahead and kept in the fridge – reheat thoroughly before serving. Serves 4-6 as a side dish.

  • Mustard & Honey Parsnip Mash Recipe image

    Mustard & Honey Parsnip Mash Recipe

    Parsnips are a sweet-tasting vegetable, sometimes to the extent of being a little bland. Here, their sweetness is rounded out with a dash of honey and balanced by punchy wholegrain mustard. Serves 4 as a side dish.

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