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  • Crab Risotto Recipe image

    Crab Risotto Recipe

    This rich, satisfying risotto is a great showcase for our lovely, locally-caught cooked crab.

  • Devon Lobster Rolls Recipe image

    Devon Lobster Rolls Recipe

    Something of an institution in New England, the Lobster Roll hasn’t really caught on over here, which is a bit of a puzzle. We think they’re perfect for a summer treat - quick to make, they’re also rather delicious! Recipe will make 6 rolls, serving 6 as a snack or starter, or 2-3 as a main course.

  • Pesto Prawn Pizza Recipe image

    Pesto Prawn Pizza Recipe

    Garlic and prawns are a match made in heaven – and now you can enjoy them in pizza form! The dough will make one round pizza of about 25cm in diameter (or you can make several mini pizzas, but they won’t need quite so long in the oven).

  • Barbecued Red Mullet image

    Barbecued Red Mullet

    Beautiful Red Mullet taste every bit as good as they look. It’s easy to grill or oven-bake either whole or filleted, but we like them best on the barbecue. Serve with something simple, like crusty bread or our New Potato Skewers [hyperlink to recipe needed] (also a BBQ favourite) and garlic mayo.

  • Prawn Cocktail Recipe image

    Prawn Cocktail Recipe

    After falling out of fashion for several years, this classic starter is finding favour once more, and for good reason; luscious prawns sit atop crisp lettuce, drizzled with a delicious piquant dressing. Definitely an oldie-but-goodie!

  • Exmouth Mussels with Greendale Scrumpy Cider image

    Exmouth Mussels with Greendale Scrumpy Cider

    Recently featured on BBC1's Eat Well for Less, award-winning company Exmouth Mussels is located at Exmouth Docks, just 10 miles from Greendale Farm Shop. Try this simple and tasty recipe featuring Greendale's traditional scrumpy cider.

  • Fresh Mackerel and New Potato Salad Recipe image

    Fresh Mackerel and New Potato Salad Recipe

    Eating seasonally doesn’t mean limiting your diet to a few dull recipes, as this delicious dish attests. Mackerel and new potatoes are plentiful in the UK in spring; they work beautifully together in this light but satisfying salad.

  • Barbecued Hake Pesto Parcels Recipe image

    Barbecued Hake Pesto Parcels Recipe

    With its firm flesh and mild taste, hake pairs well with robust flavours. Here, it’s teamed with pesto, olives and vibrant veg and foil-baked on the barbecue. Delicious!

  • Hake with Prawns and Capers Recipe image

    Hake with Prawns and Capers Recipe

    Caught by our boats and MSC approved, our Hake is served with plump prawns and a buttery, caper-filled sauce. This lovely dish is perfect for lunch or a light supper – serve with your favourite veg, some crusty bread or a few handfuls of crisp salad leaves.

  • Bini Ludlow's Spiced King Prawns Recipe image

    Bini Ludlow's Spiced King Prawns Recipe

    This spiced king prawn recipe from Bini Ludlow is best eaten with freshly made chapattis and plain basmati rice. It also tastes lovely with plain natural yogurt and a simple side salad. Serves 3-4

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