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  • Creamy Salmon Tagliatelle Recipe image

    Creamy Salmon Tagliatelle Recipe

    Rich, creamy and just the ticket for rumbling stomachs, this tasty pasta dish is straightforward and pretty speedy to put together, too. The salmon sauce is lovely with tagliatelle, but will work just as well with whatever pasta you have on hand.

  • Smoked Haddock Parcels Recipe image

    Smoked Haddock Parcels Recipe

    Filled with savoury smoked haddock and veg and wrapped in home-made pastry, these savoury and satisfying parcels are great for a hearty lunch or light dinner – they’re also pretty portable, making them perfect for a picnic.

  • Lobster Eggs Benedict Recipe image

    Lobster Eggs Benedict Recipe

    Classic Eggs Benedict is a bit of a luxury in itself – but our lovely, locally-caught lobster lifts it to a whole new level.

  • Gurnard with Roasted Red Pepper Relish image

    Gurnard with Roasted Red Pepper Relish

    Greendale Red Gurnard comes from South West waters; this distinctive (and delicious) fish is also very popular in the Mediterranean, and its firm white flesh pairs really well with ‘sunshine’ flavours, like the red peppers in this recipe.

  • Oysters with Chilli and Ginger Recipe image

    Oysters with Chilli and Ginger Recipe

    A quick, easy sauce to serve with your oysters – you can spoon a little into each shell before eating. Makes enough to serve with Half-Dozen Pack of Teignmouth Oysters.

  • Oysters – Yes you can! image

    Oysters – Yes you can!

    In times gone by, oysters were cheap and readily available, and were used as a ‘filler’ ingredient in other recipes. As the supply dwindled through over-fishing, however, oysters became more and more of a luxury, and these days they are highly prized. Unfortunately, oysters also seem to be accompanied by a restrictive set of ‘rules’, governing everything from when to eat them to how to serve them – this often deters those who might otherwise have been happy to give them a try. This is a real shame; oysters are delicious, and in fact quite a few of the ‘rules’ don’t stand up to close scrutiny.

  • Salmon Curry image

    Salmon Curry

    This speedy recipe makes a healthy and delicious dinner for cold nights. Made with rich salmon, fresh tomatoes and warming spices (but free from chilli), it’s a simple, family-friendly meal that’s good to have up your sleeve! Serve with Basmati rice. Serves 4.

  • Salmon Fillets in a Honey Marinade image

    Salmon Fillets in a Honey Marinade

    Perfect for rich, tasty Salmon, this easy marinade is full of flavour (and good things), with honey providing a sweet back-note to the clean lemon and aromatic thyme. Quantities are enough for two fillets, but can be scaled up or down easily.

  • Barbecued Squid With Roast Pepper Sauce image

    Barbecued Squid With Roast Pepper Sauce

    Squid is a great candidate for the barbecue, because it will cook to perfection in moments over the hot charcoal. Please note that it’s really important to get the charcoals very hot; you’ll also need to work quickly, because the meat will become tough if cooked for more than a few minutes, so use the waiting-for-the-charcoal-to-heat time to prepare the sauce ahead, put the salad leaves on a serving platter and get everyone ready to eat. Serves 4.

  • Mitch Tonk's Spaghetti with Greendale Crab image

    Mitch Tonk's Spaghetti with Greendale Crab

    Another tasty recipe from Local chef Mitch Tonks. Pasta & seafood is an absolute favourite of Mitch's and using Greendale's local Lyme Bay Devon crab you can’t go wrong, it’s a crowd pleaser any time of the year.

  • Pan-Fried Flatfish Fillets image

    Pan-Fried Flatfish Fillets

    More of a guide than a recipe, this is a quick, easy and delicious way to cook flatfish fillets.

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