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  • Caper-Dressed Sole with Potato Salad image

    Caper-Dressed Sole with Potato Salad

    This quick and simple recipe makes the most of delicately-flavoured Lemon Sole or Dover Sole, both unfairly underrated flat fish. You can make the salad well in advance if you like, though it is lovely when the potatoes are still a little warm – and fresh salad leaves are a must. Serves 2.

  • Pan-Fried Whiting with Mussels, Cider, Potatoes image

    Pan-Fried Whiting with Mussels, Cider, Potatoes

    Somewhat unfairly, Whiting is less popular than many of its cousins in the Cod family. With delicious firm flesh and a mild, sweet flavour, it’s a great option for any recipe requiring white fish – we urge you to give it a try!

  • Greendale Crab Bisque Recipe image

    Greendale Crab Bisque Recipe

    There are a few steps to this recipe, but it is still pretty straightforward. The end result is a luxurious, velvety bisque that tastes delicious and won’t break the bank, as it’s made with brown crab meat.

  • Laxpudding Recipe image

    Laxpudding Recipe

    Hailing from Sweden, Laxpudding is a delicious combination of creamy potatoes and salmon, subtly flavoured with Dill.

  • King Prawn & Lobster Shells image

    King Prawn & Lobster Shells

    Luscious lobster and king prawns in a rich, creamy white-wine sauce, all served on a scallop shell. What a treat!

  • Simple Smoked Salmon Vol-Au-Vents image

    Simple Smoked Salmon Vol-Au-Vents

    This retro recipe deserves a comeback – simple and delicious, it also looks great on the buffet table. The pastry cases can be baked well ahead of time, but don’t fill them until you’re almost ready to eat, or they will become soggy. Makes 18

  • Smoked Trout Salad Recipe image

    Smoked Trout Salad Recipe

    Light and summery, this salad makes a lovely warm-weather lunch or supper. Easy to put together, it’s also great to take on picnics – keep the prepared dressing separate from the other ingredients and add it just before serving.

  • Lobster Sourdough Salad Recipe image

    Lobster Sourdough Salad Recipe

    Made with luscious fresh lobster, crisp croutons and a deliciously different dressing, this special salad makes ‘eating your greens’ a little more decadent! Serves 2 as a main course or 4 as a starter.

  • Carlingford Oysters image

    Carlingford Oysters

    We are delighted to be stocking the world renowned Carlingford Oyster. These delicious oysters have been hand picked from the heart of Carlingford Lough where oysters have thrived for many centuries. The unique sweet taste and high meat content of the Carlingford Oyster is one of nature's real treasures.

  • Garlic Paprika Mussels Recipe  image

    Garlic Paprika Mussels Recipe

    Served without their shells and cooked in a garlicky, paprika-infused sauce, these flavoursome mussels are perfect to serve as a starter or as part of a tapas-style spread.

  • Curry-Spiced Fish Pie Recipe image

    Curry-Spiced Fish Pie Recipe

    Richly spiced mash, Greendale Fish Pie Mix and authentic curry flavours combine to create a fabulous ‘Frankenstein’ of a dish – it sounds wrong, but try it and you’ll see why we like it so much!

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